There is a possibility to document the length of the scene and camera movement in advance if we produce a 3D storyboard. The appearance of storyboard softwares in preproduction is not a novelty. We can choose from various softwares, which help us construct the appealing environment using built-in visual panels. Actually they can only construct an environment that tries to resemble our desired setting, since the visual composing is made exciting by the authentic appearance of the spatial elements fitting the particular scene – of which the formulation by available softwares is problematic.  If the inventory does not range with our conceptions, then talking about lenses, distances of the camera, tracking shots, etc. is superfluous. Thus we are better off, if we construct a virtual setting according to our conceptions ourselves. In this case we can precisely plan the more complicated scenes, the visibility of the set, the range set by the physical parameters of the camera, the length of the scene or the number of the extras. However it also has disadvantages like being time consuming, the lack of visual details that influence our vision of the overall mood of the film and depriving us of the compositional beauty caused by eventuality of the scenes shot.


  concept art
storyboard with cinematic elements
camera-movement analysis
'brave new world project'
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